Stopinsect™ Magnetic Mosquito Door Net
Stopinsect™ Magnetic Mosquito Door Net
Stopinsect™ Magnetic Mosquito Door Net
Stopinsect™ Magnetic Mosquito Door Net
Stopinsect™ Magnetic Mosquito Door Net
Stopinsect™ Magnetic Mosquito Door Net

Stopinsect™ Magnetic Mosquito Door Net

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Order Now and Get It Within 2-4 Business Days! ✈️

🚪 Adaptable to all types of doors, even patio doors!

🚚 Guaranteed delivery during containment.

💬 We will reply to you in less than 24 hours.

✅  Our Stopinsect™ curtain is composed of two sides connected by a magnetic closure.

Tired of choosing between dying of heat and insect bites?

You can finally breathe! With our Stopinsect™ smart curtain, enjoy the fresh air and leave mosquitoes at the door!

No more anguish from the whistling of mosquitoes when you get ready to sleep!

No need to worry about it, with its magnets the Stopinsect™ opens and closes itself, even for our faithful companions!

The StopMosquito® replaces the expensive mosquito repellent diffusers. These diffusers are harmful to the planet and to your health.

It lets in light so you can enjoy the beautiful days!

Insects carrying serious diseases!

Insects carry several serious diseases such as Chikungunya, Dengue or the zika virus.

They manifest their arrivals often at the beginning of at least June and its presence throughout the summer season.

The elderly and children are the most exposed to this danger.

If this is your case, think about protecting yourself and your loved ones from this threat!



An installation accessible to all!

Installation is quick and without tools. It leaves no trace on the frame thanks to a strong adhesive!
- Measure
- Clean
- Paste
- Enjoy
If you are between two sizes, take the larger size so that you can install the Stopinsect™.
Our after-sales service will help you 24 hours a day.


Transportable everywhere!

You can easily take the Stopinsect™ on vacation, to the campsite to place it on your rentals.

It is also suitable for caravans and motorhomes.

You can cut the curtains in height in order to adapt it perfectly to your door.

The pack is accompanied by reinforcement pins if the adhesives are not enough.

Designed with solid materials!

The curtain is made of high-quality polyester fibre and washable easily. This allows it to let heat and light through while stopping insects!

Magnets are powerful. Placed all along with the curtains they allow a fast closing.

Insects will not have time to return!


How to install it?

If your door opens inward, install the Stopinsect on the exterior frame.
If your door opens to the outside, install the Stopinsect on the interior frame.

If your door is placed in a wall, install the Stopinsect directly on the wall.

If you have a sliding door, install the Stopinsect on the outside of the fixed door frame.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will issue a FULL REFUND guarantee without any questions, and our friendly customer service team is waiting 24/7 to help you.