Send mail to kids’ toys from your phone. Our toys will speak them back in their funny voice, or yours. Kids can reply too!

Product Description

It’s called Toymail. It’s like voicemail or email but way more fun because your messages are sent to toys to speak back. Parents, grandparents, cousins, neighbors, friends (really, anyone who matters) can stay connected to kids they love using Toymail.

Think of our toys as messengers. You simply record a voice message using our app from anywhere in the world, hit send, and our Mailmen™ toys will speak them back in their funny voice (or yours). And, kids can reply to you right from their toys. So whether you’re a mom at work, a dad in the checkout line, a friend down the street, or a grandma an ocean away, you can stay connected to the kids you love.


Toymail Video

Toymail Specs

  • Dimensions: 3.26″x 3.38″ x 4.6″
  • Weight: .385 (without batteries installed)
  • Material: Child safe ABS and PVC plastic
  • Ages: 3+ Battery: 4 AA not included
  • Battery life: Runs for a year with normal daily use
  • Patent Pending
  • Works with iPhone 4, 4S running iOS 5 or any iPod Touch with iOS 5, 6, and 7, and iPad. Our Android app will be available in 2014.


Toymail Features

  • Five Toymail characters (and many more on paper that we’d like to bring to life!)
  • Built-in WIFI that connects Mailmen to your home WIFI network in minutes
  • Mailmen check for messages every several minutes
  • Mailmen alert you of new messages with whines, whinnies, growls, and snorts
  • Kids can reply to the last sender any number of times directly from their toy
  • These replies are stored in your Toymail app account
  • Mailmen are always on between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., ready to receive new messages


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