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The Reframe

Handmade from reclaimed wood in Detroit, Michigan, The Reframe offers a beautiful and easy way to elevate any 5×7” card into art.

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Product Description

The Reframe is hand-crafted from Douglas Fir wood, sourced from deconstructed abondoned houses in Detoit. While the front and back of these frames are smoothed to a clear finish, the edges retain the rough-sawn edge – a reminder of the 100 year old history of the wood.


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The Reframe Features

  • The Reframe is handcrafted from reclaimed Douglas fir of deconstructed abandoned houses in Detroit.
  • The front and back of The Reframe are smoothed to a clear finish while the edges retain the rough-sawn edge, a reminder of the wood’s hundred-year history.
  • We’ve worked to bring the frame to its most minimal point. There’s no glass or moving parts, rather a simple slit at the top designed to easily slide in or take out any 5×7-inch card.
  • The frame is thick enough to free stand on its own. It has notches allowing it to hang as a portrait or landscape on the walls of your home or studio.



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