SmartFeeder takes the guesswork out of feeding your pet, while giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

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Product Description

The Pintofeed is the first autonomous pet feeder that offers mobility and remote access for scheduled feedings as well as notifications via SMS and social networks all packaged neatly into an elegant hardware device specifically designed to enhance the look and feel of any home.Additionally, the Pintofeed employs a number of sensors in order to help populate behavioral data and utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to help accurately predict and even adjust pets eating behaviors.


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Pintofeed Features

  • Comprehensive Dashboard. Control your pet’s feeding from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Adjust feeding schedules in real-time, from anywhere.
  • Feeding Insights. Track your pet’s calorie intake on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and compare it to other pets of similar breed, age, weight, and level of activity.
  • Actionable Notifications. Receive reminders straight to your smartphone about feeding times, meal confirmations, food inventory, and battery life.
  • Customizable Feeding Regimen. Manage feeding times, portion sizes, and food dispensing
    speed — all tailored specifically for your pet’s needs.


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