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Watch, talk and play laser games with your furry friends through the mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Product Description

Long distance relationships rarely work out. It goes with people, the same applies to pets. When you have that special bond with your cat or dog it’s heartbreaking to lose touch with them. Petcube brings people closer to their furry loved ones. As long as there are some bars on your smartphone you can check on your pet from any part of the globe.

Through the built-in wide angle camera you can see your pet. You can have a conversation with her using speakers and microphone. But Petcube goes much further. It gives you a controlled laser pointer to bring the fun times with your pet to a whole new level. It’s quite simple: we love pets and pets love lasers. And us, of course. It’s not all fun and games though. Petcube is a perfect tool to keep your buddy fit in case you don’t have enough time for long walks and special training.


Petcube Video


Petcube Specs

  • Cubic form (4 x 4 x 4 inches) helps Petcube look neutral and fit any interior
  • Durable aluminum and glass give Petcube a stunning look
  • Customizable skins can spice things up and bring some character to your gadget
  • Wide-angle camera capable of streaming HD video
  • Low-intensity laser pointer on a movable platform
  • Microphone and speakers


Petcube Features

  • Play with your pet using a laser pointer. Real time, like a video game!
  • Share fun pics and videos with your friends in the process
  • Call your pet up if he or she is out of sight
  • Access the network of petcubes and play with various pets from anywhere
  • Share access to your device with friends and family or anybody from the Petcube network
  • If you don’t have a pet or a petcube device yet, you can easily play with public ones
  • Сommunicate with other pet owners
  • Follow your favorite petcubes and search for new ones
  • Earn points and badges for being an active part of the community


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