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Omega Wallet

The Omega titanium wallet keeping your pockets in order, keeping your bottles open and keeping you looking good is no longer in production. CLICK HERE for a great selection of similar wallets!

Product Description


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The Omega Wallet is really simple.  You keep your cash stored on top of your cards.  To remove cash, just push it out with your thumb.  To remove cards, slide the cards out from the wallet using the finger slot, pinch the far side of the wallet and select your card of choice!  You can see the wallet in action in the video.


Omega Wallet Video


Omega Wallet Features

  • Solid titanium construction
  • Made in Scotland, UK
  • Equally at home in your casual clothes or tucked away in a suit jacket
  • Fits comfortably in any pocket
  • A very cool way to carry your business cards
  • You will always have a bottle opener at hand
  • You will feel like James Bond every time you pay
  • It’s a fantastic conversation starter!


Omega Wallet Specs

  • Stainless steel torx screws slightly protrude from the surface of the wallet acting as feet to protect surfaces from scratches when you lay it down.
  • The wallet will comfortably carry 7 cards + 5 notes (10 cards + 5 notes is about the usable limit although it is possible to fit 20 cards in the wallet).
  • The wallet will comfortably carry about 30 business cards although it is possible to fit up to 50.
  • The wallet will carry a minimum of 2 cards or about 4 business cards.
  • 3 sets of EPDM o-rings are included with each wallet.  This is just precautionary as EPDM rubber is extremely hard wearing.  I still have the original set on my Omega wallet after 3 months of hard use and testing with no visible signs of wear.
  • Should the need arise, o-rings can be replaced without the use of tools.
  • The wallet is designed in such a way that the o-rings can never fall out accidentally.
  • Each wallet is given a beautiful glass bead blasted finish.
  • In terms of length and width it is virtually the same size as a credit card.
  • The wallet will work with all US dollar bills as well as all British pound notes and virtually all other paper currency.
  • Weight – Titanium – 75.8g / 2.67oz / Aluminium – 46.8g / 1.65oz
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