MUSE (pre order)

A sleek headband that allows you to control applications, games, reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and control devices directly with your mind.

Product Description

Muse, the brain sensing headband helps you do more with your mind by providing exercises designed to manage stress and settle your mind.  Muse incorporates 7 EEG sensors to detect and measure your brain activity, just as a heart monitor measures heart rate.   This activity is converted into information you can track on your tablet, smartphone or PC via Bluetooth.   By seeing your brain’s performance in real time you can enhance the mental skills you already have and do more with your mind than you ever thought possible.  For a few minutes a day, Muse can help get you ready for the day or help you unwind from work.


Muse is compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch), Android, and select PC operating systems. Muse also uses a rechargeable battery pack for up to 5 hours of continuous battery life so Muse is ready when you are.


MUSE Campaign Video

Each pre ordered Muse unit includes:

  • 1 Muse brain sensing headband
  • 1 brain fitness app
  • 1 free basic SDK

Muse is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.



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