Blue Manuka Gyroscope

Manuka Gyroscope

A mysterious object that appears to defy gravity, this precision gyroscope is beautiful to behold and will amaze you and your friends.

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Product Description

After months of prototyping we have created the perfect gyroscope, a beautiful sculpture and built to last a lifetime. It’s an object that now truly reflects the significance of the underlying science.


Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and solid brass, we have achieved an unmatched level of quality and surface finish.  Each gyroscope is finished by hand, leaving it with a brushed aluminium look that subtly varies from piece to piece. This finish is called Manuka Raw.


Every gyroscope comes with a Kevlar (super strong) pull string and ergonomic machined aluminium pull handle. This allows you to spin the gyroscope up to a really high speed which is important for some tricks. The slot in the handle allows you to neatly wrap and stow the string.


Comes in Three Variations:

  • Manuka Raw Includes: Raw gyroscope – Kevlar string – Raw pull handle.
  • Manuka Colour Includes: Coloured gyroscope in silver, black, gold, red or blue – Kevlar string – Silver pull handle.
  • Manuka Showcase Plus Includes: Coloured gyroscope – Kevlar string – Pull handle – Super-stand – Optional personalised engraving


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