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Lumu is a light meter for the iPhone and Android. Made to unleash the creativity in photographers.

Product Description

Lumu is a light meter for the iPhone and Android. Changing the way we think about light meters. For photographers with a heartbeat, and individuals with aspirations, dreams, and a lifestyle.


Certain things in life cannot be simply bought. They have to be lived.


The light meter of the 21th century should obviously make use of the smartphone. But not because of its light metering capabilities, but because of all the other things smartphone is good at: big screen, gestures, location, connectivity, mobility, apps, and more.


It enables Lumu to bring you the best experience that light meters had ever had. Back us up, explore.


To make the most accurate luminance measurements, the smartphone’s sensor isn’t good enough. We made Lumu using the best sensor there is, with a spectral response exactly like the human eye. There is no darkness too dark and no light too bright which Lumu can’t measure.


Lumu Video


Lumu Specs

  • Measuring Range (Ambient Incident light, ISO 100): 0.15 – 250,000 lux (EV -4 to 20)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1 EV
  • Light Receptor: Hemispherical Diffuser, Cardioid-type
  • Power Source: Audio signal (no batteries)


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