Jaja Stylus

Accurate, intuitive sketching on the iPad.  Edit line thickness, brush styles, color.  Two Button menu control.  No wires, it just works.

Product Description

The Jaja stylus features at least four times the precision of competing devices.  It uses an innovative high frequency sound technology to communicate with any device that has a built-in microphone. This method enables the JaJa to work in airplanes and RF-sensitive areas such as hospitals, as it doesn’t require a battery-draining Bluetooth or WiFi connection to operate. HEX3 has developed a patent pending system for the JaJa Stylus that will allow you to draw for days with a single replaceable AAA battery, with all smartphones, and nearly all tablet devices. The JaJa captures digital data while sketching directly onto the screen of the device, just like paper, and includes two customisable buttons.


Pressure sensitive line drawing allows realistic sketching for artists, designers and casual sketchers. Contextual menu selection with the two clickable buttons gives functionality not normally available on an iPad or tablet – such as brush or tool selection, work just like you do with a Wacom stylus but for 1/10th the price, and portable!


Works on ALL iPads – 1, 2, 3, 4, AIR and Mini.


Jaja Stylus Video



Jaja Stylus Features

  • The jaja uses high frequency sound to communicate with any device that includes a microphone. The frequencies are above human hearing but can be picked up by the iPad mic. (Patent Pending)
  • 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity for natural pen strokes.
  • Capture digital data while sketching directly onto the screen just like normal paper.
  • Sign or annotate directly onto forms and correspondence.
  • The jaja nib gives precise pressure control and the two buttons can be customised to allow for other functions such as erase or color change.  USB plug for quick recharging of the on board battery.
  • The jaja will work out of the box with any app on any device. Our SDK will be implemented with our development partners to bring full functionality to their apps (more announcements on this soon).
  • Works in Airplane mode.


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