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The Golf Board is the most innovative addition to golf since the graphite shaft, bringing modern technology to a traditional game.

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Product Description

The GolfBoard is the most innovative addition to golf since the graphite shaft, bringing modern technology to a traditional game.  The GolfBoard will change the way you experience the game of golf. The easy to ride electric board makes getting from one shot to the next just as fun as hitting a great drive or approach shot. The GolfBoard speeds up the game, is easy and intuitive for everyone to ride, has less impact on a course than a golf cart, and allows golfers to surf the golf course in a way that feels similar to snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding.


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GolfBoard Features

  • 4 Wheel Posi Traction:  The GolfBoard is driven by a gear box similar to a car, rather than unreliable chains and belts. This never seen before feature on a board insures safety, reliability and low to no maintenance.  4 Wheel Posi Traction also guarantees traction on even the steepest hills, and eliminates “burnouts” on the golf course which would leave unsightly marks.  
  • 3.5″ Turf Tires:  Our GolfBoard uses tires that are 3.5″ wide and 9″ tall. With this large surface area and tread design, pressure on the turf is substantially less than that of a fully loaded golf cart, even in wet conditions.
  • Drivetrain:  The GolfBoard uses a 4 wheel drive posi-traction drivetrain. Housed on each end of the board are industrial grade gear boxes which provide power to all 4 wheels reliably and evenly. This never before seen feature of a powered golf device insures safety, smooth operation, and nearly zero maintenance requirements.
  • Powertrain:  The GolfBoard uses the highest quality industrial grade electric motors, drives, and on-board equipment to ensure complete reliability and long life.  We’ve designed custom controller firmware to ensure ultimate control for each GolfBoard. As an added safety feature, the controller will automatically lock the GolfBoard’s wheels when you come to a stop. This provides you a stable structure to step off of, and won’t allow the GolfBoard to roll away if you come to a stop on a steep hill to play a tricky sidehill shot!
  • Dual Speed and Wireless Remote:  Using the wireless remote, GolfBoard riders have the ability to select either ‘high speed’ or ‘low speed’ modes of operation.  Low speed, a gentle 7 mph, is designed to provide new users the ability to practice turning and operating the board with security and confidence. High Speed, a maximum of 11 mph, allows golfers to travel at the same speed as a conventional golf cart.
  • Reliable and Long Lasting Batteries:  Power for the GolfBoard is provided by the same lithium batteries found in the latest luxury electric automobiles.   The GolfBoard’s battery is completely contained, requires zero maintenance, and last 3-5 times longer than their lead-acid counterparts.  The GolfBoard can travel up to 36 holes between charges, depending on conditions such as rider weight, turf conditions and grade.
  • Ride Quality and Handling:  The GolfBoard is the only board available with our proprietary “Spring Deck”. By utilizing a flexible and adjustable spring plate on each end, the GolfBoard is the first powered board with a highly effective shock absorber, allowing for an extremely smooth ride.  The Spring deck gives the GolfBoard amazing suspension and flex, while still allowing for a secure and rigid mounting location for the lithium battery and industrial control electronics.


GolfBoard Specs

  • ENGINEERING ORIGIN:  Only 4WD board specifically designed for golf courses. Capable of climbing steep terrain, while also minimizing turf wear.
  • GEARBOX: Multi-stage gear-reduction 4WD similar to a rock-crawler or ATV. 20:1 gear reduction provides superior hill climbing ability.
  • DRIVETRAIN: A Proprietary 4-wheel drive posi traction drivetrain, which is exclusive to the GolfBoard. Provides solid traction in both steep and wet environments.
  • STEERING DAMPER:  An adjustable, rugged proprietary damper system that eliminates all speed wobbles. GolfBoard is the first powered board with a steering damper, making it stable and safe.
  • BRAKING SYSTEM:  The on-board motor controller automatically locks the GolfBoard in place when the board comes to a stop. The rider can step off, even on a steep hill, and the board will not roll.
  • SUSPENSION:  Proprietary flex deck system using heat-treated high fatigue strength stainless steel end plates allow the GolfBoard to flex in transition areas like paths, bridges, and rough terrain, making for a smoother, safer ride.
  • GROUND CLEARANCE/DECK HEIGHT:Utilizing a low-profile battery pack we developed a platform that provides 5-6” of ground clearance, while still maintaining a 7” deck height for ease of access.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL:  GolfBoard Development Team created a sliding trigger remote for a longer, more linear throttle curve. On/Off, Fwd/Rev, Hi/Lo switches, plus LED battery indicator lights for both remote and board. High molecular weight plastic provides impact protection.
  • FENDERS:  Molded fenders provide 180° protection across the top of the tires keeping dirt/water from reaching player and gear.
  • TIRES:  Kenda “Turf Max” Lawn and Garden tire specifically designed for turf care equipment. 230lb weight capacity per tire, 4 ply construction.
  • ELECTRONICS:  Fully programmable motor controller.  Peak power is 15,000 watts allowing full hill climbing power without speed loss. Intelligent temperature sensor. 20 programmable features.
  • MOTORS:  After 20+ prototypes using brushless motors, we went with 4-pole brushed motors with dual brush sets. Brushed motors provide smooth and simple acceleration/deceleration.
  • STABILITY BAR:  Removable Stability Bar to accommodate beginners as well as advanced free riders.
  • BODY STYLE:  Best-in-class ergonomic design to optimize board appeal and customer attraction.


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