ATLAS Dress Socks


Coffee-infused and bodymapped socks that keep your feet fresh – like a Brita filter in your shoe.

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Product Description

ATLAS is like a Brita Filter for your feet: made of Coffee, it filters and absorbs sweat and odor.  The bodymapped design of the sock gives you comfort and support all day.


How does this technology work?

Odor molecules which are largely made of carbon are strongly attracted to the coffee. Atlas has a unique structure (kind of like a sponge with lots of surface area), which allows the particles to absorb a lot of odor.  The odor is released the when you launder your socks – returning to its full capacity.


ATLAS Dress Sock Features

  • Ultimate odor control starts with our JAVAfresh odor-absorbing knit
  • Unhindered ventilation is at the core of our strategically cushioned footbed
  • You stay dry when hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers combine for extra moisture wicking
  • Machine washable & low maintenance care
  • Get your perfect fit: Size M for shoe sizes 6-9.5, Size L for shoe sizes 10-13




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