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Das Horn

Dartstrip is a snappable steel strip, backed with a removable adhesive & bundled with powerful magnets for hanging art, photos & more.

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Product Description

Dartstrip is a steel strip backed with a removable adhesive and snappable to any length in 1-inch increments. Use with included magents to create a dsicreet and versatile display area. Snap off an inch to hang up a photo, a longer piece for notes by your desk, or up to 8 feet to display photos, drawings, illustrations, and more.


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Dartstrip Features

  •  8 feet of white steel strip backed with removable adhesive
  • 16 powerful rare earth magnets
  • Easy to put up (no tools required)
  • Discrete display surface
  • Customize to any length
  • Doesn’t damage your work
  • Removable
  • Doesn’t damage your wall

Dartstrip Specs

  • Total Weight: 9.35 oz, 265 g (inclusive of tin, 8 feet of strip, 16 magnets)
  • Tin:  4 inches diameter by  2 inches height.  Refillable & recyclable
  • Steel Strip:  8 feet long by 1 inch wide steel.  Snaps in 1” increments.  Painted white


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